The new all-electric MINI Countryman. Look who’s gone electric.

A bigger dose of MINI-ness. 

With its powerful build, bold SUV design and imposing presence, the new all-electric MINI Countryman exudes an aura of self- confidence and adventure. It’s your trustworthy, all-electric partner in crime with more MINI Countryman fearlessness – and less of everything else. Ruggedly handsome and effortlessly stylish, the all-electric MINI Countryman is equally at home in the city and the great outdoors. Its commanding stance is embellished by its octagonal front grille, striking headlights and power dome bonnet.

Fine craftsmanship and fine details define the aesthetic of the interior. Premium materials, advanced technology and atmospheric mood lighting combine to create a highly cultivated driving experience. Once in, you probably won’t want to get out again. Using state-of-the-art OLED technology with a diameter of 240 mm and its high-quality glass lending it a distinctive, minimalist appearance. It serves as an instrument cluster and your onboard infotainment and assistance hub. And the round geometry is a world first.

The all-electric drivetrain contributes to this too, further enhancing the brand’s hallmark driving fun with two levels of power output. With the all-electric MINI Countryman, the largest model in the new MINI vehicle family takes the brand into an era of locally emission-free electric mobility. The first MINI to be manufactured in Germany also offers the highest possible level of environmental compatibility in production.

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